Advertisers FAQ

Adding teasers

How can I add ads?
First of all, you need to register in the system. After registration, go to advertisers menu>Campaigns>Add campaign. After the advertising campaign is created, you can add ads by clicking on the "Add a teaser." Your ad will become active after a successful moderation.

Have you got teasers base which I can use?
Yes we have. Any image you need you can find inside advertising campaign by clicking on "Select teaser". For your convenience you can use filters to find image you sick. We constantly update teasers database.

What size, format and theme of the teaser?
You can use picture sizes from 50x50 to 250x250 pixels. We recommend 200x200 and 250x250Format - jpg, gif. Optimal file size 40-50 kb. Maximum - 120 kb.

Do you accept teaser with Adult content?
Yes we do. When creating advertising campaign specify your topic.

Have you got an auto moderation system (instant moderation)?
Yes we have. It is available only for advertisers who are working for a long time with our system and proved to be reliable. Even in this case administration still monitors teaser for violations. In case of violations advertiser's account will be blocked temporarily stopping all advertising campaigns, until circumstances are clarified.

I am a novice advertiser, can you help me create teasers?

Yes, we help novice advertisers to create teasers and in setting up first advertising campaign. To do this, refill your account balance with the amount of 1000 usd. and write ticket to the support indicating the necessary details (links, GEO, prices, etc.).

My teasers were rejected at moderation. What can I do?
You can determine the reason by hovering mouse cursor on "question mark" icon which is located in the upper left corner of the teaser. Eliminate specified reason and post ad for moderation again.

How many teaser can be added to one campaign?
You can add an unlimited number of teasers in the campaign. We recommend using animated teasers (they have best CTR). Recommended teasers amount 10-15 per one campaign.

Monitoring traffic quality

How to track categories of websites from which I get transitions?

You can use macros
- {{domain}} - domain of the site;
- {{tid}} - teaser ID;
- {{price}} - price of the click;
- {{campaignid}} - campaign ID;
- {{location}} - city;
- {{country}} - country;
- {{browser}} - browser;
- {{platform}} - platform;
- {{site_id}} - site ID;
- {{catid}} - category ID of the site;
- {{clickId}} - click ID;

How can I keep track of the transitions quality in addition to special tracking parametrs?

In "Campaigns list" menu right next to each campaign you have "Action counter" option, with which you will be able to monitor the quality of transitions. Code "Action counter" must be copied and placed on the page of the targeted actions. Its use will enable you to get the most accurate data on the actions of visitors for this campaign, analyze the quality of purchased transitions and effectiveness of the campaign as a whole. If you want to track conversions and efficiency of the network traffic on other affiliate programs, but you have no opportunity to set a standard action code, please use Postback Url. Actions will be displayed in "Statistics" in the appropriate column.  

How can I limit transitions from certain sites?
System provides "Black List" function. With its help, you can create lists of sites from which you want to limit transitions. To activate "Black List" write a ticket to Support. After activation, you will be able to find the "Black List" in your advertising campaign in "Restrictions" section. Site domains for "black list" must be added each from a new line without http:// and www.

How can I be sure in uniqueness of each transition?
Fees are charged for unique click on your ad, repeated clicks on the same ad do not take into account, so for it you do not pay.

Do you have protection from "cheating"?
Yes, our moderators daily checks the transitions on the whole system, which resulted in the detection of low-quality transitions, dishonest owners sites are blocked.


How to increase the number of impressions / clicks in the statistics?
First - analyze teasers from you advertising campaign. Disable teasers with low CTR. Replace them with new. Try useing animated teasers they have higher CTR. And set recommended price for all categories.

When will my ads will be displayed?
To star getting impressions your ad must successfully pass moderation. You need to have funds on balance inorder to start advertising. The minimum amount is 50 rubles or 2 usd.

What determines the number of impressions for teasers?
Teasers are shown at CPM-model (CPM=CTR*price). The higher the CPM, the more hits you get on webmasters websites of choosen category.

Financial questions

What do I pay for: hits, impressions, actions?
You pay only for hits, aka clicks.

Minimal cost per click?
There is no predefined minimum price. The prices are defined by the auction. Certain averga values can be found in the section VOLUME on the left side of the screen.

How to recharge balance?
This can be done in advertisers menu, go to Recharge balance.

What is the minimal recharge sum?
Minimal recharge sum is 50 USD.

How quickly will money be transferred to account balance?
Within 30 minutes after recharge. In case it doesn't, make sure to reach out to our support or account manager,

Can I withdraw unspent funds from my account?
Yes, it is possible, but only if your campaigns is not trying to spread viruses or were not recognized as such by moderation group. Period for consideration of applications for withdrawal is 1 month.

Please note that the Advertiser's Account is created for traffic acquisition, thus if you are not sure if your ads will get approved, or if there is traffic for your campaign, or if your content is allowed on this platform, make sure to contact the support managers and specify these questions before adding funds to the account.


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